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Qigong + Gong Sound Bath Workshop med Antti Tolvi


In this workshop we will first do qigong practice. We will learn some Chan Mi Gong (silence zen practice). This practice opens and releases tensions effectively from our body and mind. We start to feel boundless energy flow though our body and mind. One of the major impacts of qigong practice is the light weight/balanced feeling in our body mind. All of our inner energies start to harmonize. After qigong we lie down and Antti will do gong sound bath which will take all this even deeper. After qigong you start to understand that we really are almost 70% water. Sound of gong tunes our trillions and trillions of cells (which are mostly water) to great harmony (taiji). This gives our body great possibility to heal itself. Most people feel that they are just floating in space, not in sleep, but not completely awake either. Just feeling the vibrations and the waves in the body. Sound of gong heals the nerve system, opens and develops the inner self, it relaxes, releases from over-thinking and stimulates the whole body and mind.

You can think of gong as the sun. It symbolizes the universe and represents original silence and possibility of evolution. Its vibrations are the life currents of all forms, beings and thoughts that exist or can exist. With a single stroke of the mallet, the gong radiates life across a spectrum of frequencies, from the big bang to the time when our universe quiets down.


Antti Tolvi is Qigong/meditation teacher and composer from Kemiö-Island Finland. Antti has been practicing Taiji/Qigong/Zen daily since 2002 and working as a teacher since 2007. Antti has played over 300 shows around the world in three continent. There is thirteen solo records under his name and Antti has been part of over fifty record as composer and/or musician. Last year´s Antti has made many sound art installation´s to galleries´s around Finland and worked with wide range of different arts (dancers, puppet theatres and films).

Antti has been working with gongs now more than two years and made gong concerts around Europe and major festivals in Finland. Gong concerts are made with well tuned gongs and electronics. Antti´s approach to gongs is pretty experimental. With special technic Antti can get playful melodies and overtones out of the gongs. Freedom, peace, gratitude and minimalist aesthetic reflects from Antti Tolvi´s works.

Price for workshop is 300kr

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