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Yinyoga med Rachel J Ingvad


In this Yin yoga practice the shapes are simple and the experience deep. Yin yoga is aimed at your tendons, facia and organs. To reach these deeper levels of your body is healing for your joints and often a balance to your full life. The still practice of yin emphasizes a dynamic inner experience of yoga. Come and find out how a yin yoga practice can restore your energy, clear your mind and heal your body. This class will be taught in English.

Startdatum: 27 aug
Slutdatum: 10 dec
Uppehåll: 29 okt
Pris: drop-in 150 kr, klippkort 10 ggr 1200 kr, klippkort 5 ggr 650 kr. JDY-klippkort gäller också.