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Modern and traditional dancing from East Africa with Dennis Jahzino


“For me, Dance is a form of prayer. Just like some people go to church or in a mosque to pray. So I dance to keep my soul fire burning.” — Dennis Jahzino

With roots in Kenya and Uganda, Dennis started dancing traditional African dances at the age of 8 and already at 11 he toured in Norway with a professional junior dance group. Since then he has passed through many important Kenyan dance companies, performed at many stages in Europe and shared his culture through teaching many people. In East Africa, dancing, singing and storytelling goes together as a way of passing on traditions and old wisdoms from the great-great-grandmothers and grandfathers to the next generations. Dennis, or you can call him Jahzino, will pass that spirit on to you.


Pris förköp 250 kr, swisha senast 3/6 till Patricia Ponte de Jesus 073 0976 289- ”Dennis”
Pris på plats 300 kr , (jämna pengar)

Frågor och anmälan: Anmälan är bindande.